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About Us


Welcome to KMC

Karmkshetra Medicare Pvt. Ltd. is in short known as KMC and it is MCA Registered and ISO Certified Company. Who Introduce our selves as leading marketing company of organic herbs, Homoeo health care & food supplement, Nutritional support and personal care Product.

The Sole mission of company is to Rejuvenate the health for all leading to make disease free India.

To provide the best business opportunity. To deliver exceptional qulity of essential products which everybody bound to purchase day to day life for alive.

We're only as good as our talent dedicated professionals whose insights, innovation, and hard work fuel our sucess and make us a national leader.


This is a combination of three product i.e. iDetox, iImugen and iBalance. It is an all approach to restablished the previous health of all by advance Rejuvenation process performed by cleanse and detoxify whole body system, By boosting natural body's defense and by fulfilling the nutritional need of body. This multi tier approach achieved through the power of Organic Herbs & Homoeo Proprietary mixture to kick start to all your system's natural cleansing abilities to facilitate toxin removal leading to race the internal healing process of the body.

Why Join Us

  • To become entrepreneur in real sense.
  • To spread the message of good health in society.
  • To helps those who are suffering.
  • To create job opportunity for peoples.
  • To create wealth for ourselves which is need of our family.
  • To create health for nation "Healthy India".
  • Key Point

  • Highest distribution plan in the world.
  • High profiles promote this company.
  • No Registration Charges.
  • No Repurchase Compulsion.
  • No Monthly zero business.
  • No renewal fees.
  • No hidden charge cutting.
  • No voucher cutting for repurchases.
  • Strong education system.
  • Special Feature

  • To Rejuvenate the all for "Lifelong perfect health" by drainage, charging & blancing of the body leading to make disease free India .
  • Opportunity to get domestic and foreign tour.
  • Unlimited multiple income & reward.
  • How to Start?

    At first you must provide KYC details to the company authrised distributor, who registred you online totaly free. Then you reecived an i.d. & password by sms on your registered mob. no. Now you are ready to do KMC business. in following steps.

    1st Step : Top up your i.d. through any one multioptional "TOP UP PACKAGE" by paying corresponding discount prize.

    2nd Step : Now use the kit, It feel good them share to all your near & dear for duplication and creation of Distributor earn customer organisation.


    To help our members achieve financial prosperity and peace of mind.


    To distinguish KMC as an admired national leader, trusted partner, and provider of innovative solutions for growing and protecting wealth.

    Core Value

    Our core value are the principales that guide us daily in helping our members achieve financial prosperity and peace of mind. At all times, we strive to distinguish KMC as an admired national leader and trusted brand that is differentiated by top talent and innovative solutions for all stages of life. We are passionate about becoming the unrivaled industry leader by achieving superior results for our members and communities.